Custom Club Fitting
If every golfer were the same size and had the same swing, every golfer could use the same set of clubs. But studies show as many as 9 out of 10 golfers are playing with clubs not perfectly matched to their needs.

With custom fitted clubs, you'll discover clubs that are tailored to your swing and its dynamics. Combining the high performance technology of today's clubs with custom fitting, our professional staff can prescribe clubs that add both distance and accuracy to your golf shots.

In a single one-on-one fitting session, our professional staff can analyze your swing, ball flight, and game. In less than two weeks you'll have a set of clubs that has been custom built to your specifications. The next round you play, you'll enjoy swinging clubs that make hitting good shots easier than before.

We will figure out your best Lie Angle, Shaft Type and Flex, Grips, Club Length and Proper Offset.

Today, with custom fitting, you are now able to test a variety of clubs with a variety of combinations to perfectly suit your swing. If this interests you, please feel free to call Baker's Custom Golf and set up a time to get fit. You won't be sorry.
At Baker's Custom Golf, we use the best technology with our Foresight GC2 Simulator to get the best possible fit for you.
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Science and Motion have created a unique piece of equipment designed to help golfers where they need it most. Putting. Putting represents 43% of the game of golf, yet the putter is one of the most ignored pieces of equipment when it comes to being fit. With the SAM Putt Lab we are able to show you with reports your club path, the amount of loft you add or take away during your stroke, and, how centered the impact is on the face of your putter. We can also compare 2 or more putters side by side and show you which one is the best for you based on the SAM Putt Lab numbers. Call for appointment if you want to become a better putter!
Custom Club Fitting
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