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A free, comprehensive breakdown of all the variables - length, shaft, loft, swing weight, frequency, grip size, overall weight, face angle, and club head design.
Improve your game by recognizing how important it is to have fitted clubs - new or used - based on parameters of ball flight and comfort level.
Before knowing if you need to have alterations made to your existing clubs or new club purchase, it helps to know what has attributed to your past habits - good and bad.
Using the best equipment in the industry - Mitchell Golf Equipment - all data will be recorded and reviewed on a golf club spec sheet.
Speed Tips
What are Speed Tips?
Why do I need Speed Tips?
Who can benefit from Speed Tips?
How long does it take?
Who are they not for?
Easy to understand specialized instruction to help with your game for a minimal price.
To improve your chance of striking the ball more solidly and more consistent to allowing you a chance to score better.
People who are short of time and don't play as frequently that may not have an established practice and playing routine.
Approximately 15 - 25 minutes.
Advanced players looking to rebuild their swing or technicians who have to know the angles and dangles with high speed cameras.
How do I get Speed Tips?
Call us for appointments. You can reach us at 918-252-4422.
By taking your Speed Tip session 18 to 24 Hours before your next game.
How do I get best results?
Used and Consignment Clubs