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                    Benefits of having Clubs fit to you:
There are three ways to improve your game:
#1 Practice
#2 Lessons
#3 Custom Fit Golf Equipment

Dynamic fit drivers, irons, wedges, and proper set make-up will consistently lower scores and improve ball striking/ball flight tendencies.

Custom fitting allows a player to maintain proper development of golf swing fundamentals and will increase pace of improvement. This WILL produce better shots and build confidence in ball striking.

A custom fit golf club will eliminate the need for swing compensations, which are caused by improperly fit golf equipment.

Custom fitting can aid a player who has physical conditions (i.e. ailing back, sore ligaments/joints, artificial knees/hips, etc.). This can result in INCREASED time spent practicing and playing.

Launch monitors will optimize the launch conditions of a golf ball. This is NECESSARY to maximize carry distance and increase control.

Custom fitting will eliminate yardage gaps and identify sole performance variables, which are required to strengthen a player's short game. This WILL improve scoring ability and LOWER scores.

Custom fitting for set make up will give the player an opportunity to carry the best 14 friendly clubs. This will promote proper club selection for ideal course management.
Other interesting facts:
It is impossible to be dynamically fit over the internet.
It is better to be fit indoors while hitting into a simulator so a player will not be making physicall ball flight compensations.
Launch monitors will be more accurate for ball speed and ball flight than outdoor with the naked eye.
An incorrect lie angle of 2 degrees will produce a ball flight that is 21 feet offline.
An incorrect lie angle of 4 degrees will produce a ball flight that is 42 feet offline.
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